Enough. Enough, haven’t you got enough stuff
Haven’t you filled that gaping hole inside
Haven’t you stymied that gnawing lust and pride?

Enough. Enough, don’t you realise you are just not that tough?
Haven’t you softened just a little bit
Haven’t you fed all the demons in your deep, dark pit?

Enough. Enough, can’t you see it’s merely flam and fluff?
Haven’t you yet explored your wondrous planet
Haven’t you tired of killing everything on it

Enough. Enough. Really now it’s time for enough
This is the last call to save the future
Shadows and illusions won’t help you there dear

Enough, enough, come on don’t we all have enough?
No more wanting that, buy now or give it to me
We need to work together to protect our precious eternity

Enough. Enough

I have been reflecting on the word “enough” especially in its relationship to abundance and gratitude. Abundance is not a get rich quick fix nor is it about manifesting more, it’s an inner knowing that whatever happens to you in your life you have enough. Enough is all you will ever need.

Is it not time that we all asked ourselves what is enough for me? Not more than enough, not enough and a bit more for good luck, not enough and just in case.

No more. No less.

Abundance IS enough.

Published by Kirstie Sivapalan

Writer. Poet. Indie Kid. Crystal Lady. Pisces. Enthuser. Cheerleader. Helper. Geordie Londoner. Sharer of stuff I know. Sometimes found working in HR (but not very often) Oh, and #spoonie, living with ME/CFS. That about covers it.

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