Relief and restoration

Yesterday’s weird mood continued today as I woke up feeling decidedly out of sorts. The week’s activity meant that today needed to be a rest day but part of me was resistent to that. This left me with a restless feeling and an irritation towards anything and everything. And a sinus infection. Enter my crystalContinue reading “Relief and restoration”

200 leaps

Another milestone of the blogging kind…this is my 200th post! Golly. 200 days since I wrote my first tentative words about what i wanted to do. I was going to do another “clip show” post but have decided against it. ¬†One, there are too many posts to go through for my Mercury addled brain andContinue reading “200 leaps”

Great, Blue Lace Agate

Another day of sorting and organising at my HR work today. All I could think of was the emails I sent yesterday to various organisations about buildings and projects. I kept checking like I was waiting for the result of an interview or, maybe more fittingly, a date. Nothing so far… Sigh. Maybe like aContinue reading “Great, Blue Lace Agate”