Wave Goodbye, Say Hello

After an incredible and lively party on Halloween, enjoyed by both people and energetic beings alike, we have focused on the themes of regeneration and renewal.  Samhain, the pagan ritual from which we take most of our Halloween hullabaloo, denoted Summer’s End and a time to honour the ancestors, reflect upon life and death andContinue reading “Wave Goodbye, Say Hello”

Something old…

Today has felt like one of the “old days” as I am tired.  Almost jet-lag like tired.  Rather than push through my intuition told me to rest today today. For the shop day off to be my day off too.  Well…ish. Rather than the old days where I’ve either been tired from HR work orContinue reading “Something old…”


Party planning today.  There isn’t going to be much time before Saturday so today the Aquarian and I scoured our local area for costume accessories and other Halloween fare. I planned the start of my blog specifically to start the day after Halloween. All Saints/Souls Day in Christianity or Samhain in Wicca. The time thatContinue reading “Monsters “