Crystallising down-time

I woke up with a rather tired and achy body today. I may have overdone things a wee bit at the weekend after spending all day out walking around town on Saturday and most of the day wedding planning on Sunday. It also occured to me that since starting this new life I haven’t givenContinue reading “Crystallising down-time”

Not Christmas yet

Back to work today and it was a struggle. Emulating Christmas, Geordie style at the weekend had switched on the “Switch off” programme in my brain and it had decided that given the recent events involving crackers, opening presents, spending time with family followed by more time off meant that its only work now wasContinue reading “Not Christmas yet”

A break from the old routine

Today I was going to write about routine and its benefits, which I do believe are many, at the right time and the right place. Routine has helped me greatly. Its helped me manage my M.E symptoms and also it helps me set a foundation in my work work. Then there is the opposite ofContinue reading “A break from the old routine”