Inactive activity

I have been pretty active today but I have barely moved a muscle, brain included. Today has been a day for working on the energetic level as instructed by my guides. Very apt for the time of a Piscean moon. They are clever. And also of course an useful way to see out the finalContinue reading “Inactive activity”

Luck of the Irish

Gold stars, smiley faces and ten out of tens for the Aquarian today. I had planned on a morning of shop shopping but he had another plan. And what a plan it was. More years than I’d like ago I went to a Gem and Rock show in Brighton in an attempt to research howContinue reading “Luck of the Irish”

Magpie moment

I opened my first wholesale account last night. Woohoo! I now have access to information (and pretty rocks) that will further shape my journey. I’ll be able to know more about a crystal’s journey too. Today though I did not spend the day checking out every single crystal on their website. I was at workContinue reading “Magpie moment”