I have been bubbling over with excitement today.  Positively effervescent. After I came out of my morning meditation, back to that reality of form and structure, I checked my email.  I have received one from the space I applied for on my “productive” day on Wednesday.  They have accepted my application!!! (Definitely warrants more thanContinue reading “Spacious”

Meditations on progress

Unlearn what you have learnt…unknow what you know…be still…be silent… If you are consciously working on your own spiritual development, following the path to enlightenment,awakening or whatever phrase suits your experience, you will have come across these Zen like spiritual teachings.  When i read them and embrace the words I feel a sense of peaceContinue reading “Meditations on progress”


My day has been upended by my washing machine.  It started well. Up early, nice long and deep meditation, worked with my crystals, had a nice walk-run-walk-run and then felt the desire to do some washing. Why i felt this needed to be done today is a question between me and the stars as thereContinue reading “Domesticated”