You learn something new every day

Be thankful for the little things.  I like to think of this as the reverse of “first-world problems” Like enjoying a few small glasses of wine (with about 8 pints of water) and waking up with minimal damage. A slight fluffy head that quickly passes and suddenly, that Sunday, you had written off, magically reappears.Continue reading “You learn something new every day”

Boom and Busted

Mars and Mercury are buddying up to my natal Saturn this week and today I felt that quite keenly.  This kind of transit could be difficult, especially if I rebel against it (usual pattern) and especially when it comes to getting things done.  As it is I think I found the light in the shadow…althoughContinue reading “Boom and Busted”


Work progress has continued its comfortable pace today – slow, steady and moving forward. I have arranged my first official meeting to talk to a support organisation about how they can help and I am continuing to draft out my thoughts in some form of (dare i say it) plan. But that’s not what IContinue reading “Owned”

Days gone bye-bye

Hmmm. Is Mercury having a wobble today or is this a post-eclipse shake-down? I feel like the universe has picked me up by the ankles and jiggled me about looking for loose change. This would be what the meditation and crystals have being preparing me for then. Especially in the rook and sacral chakra.  Oak-likeContinue reading “Days gone bye-bye”

My Mercurial surprise

Mercury back direct again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful. It may have been an enlightening few weeks, certainly unpredictable, but that’s a bit of the mountain path I do not want to retrace. Just before we put out the bunting and have a street party we do have a week or soContinue reading “My Mercurial surprise”

Fruitful non-thinking

I decided, or rather my gallbladder decided, to do shorter hours in the office from this week.  I had planned to drop to two days per week but that does not appear practical. So yet again flow has found the right channel for me.  I’m happy with the level of movement that I get withContinue reading “Fruitful non-thinking”

You have been weighed…

Something insanely massive, utterly profound and undoubtedly far-reaching hit me this weekend. A thought-form embedded in my core permeating my entire energy field, colouring everything I have done up to this point and probably, for a while, after. So insidious that it has carefully wrapped itself in other epiphanical thought-forms to keep itself from discoveryContinue reading “You have been weighed…”

Views of the unexpected

Here we are again. The end of another month and time for my reflection on the last month’s posts. Well January,  you (and Mercury) really have kicked my arse.  I did not know it needed to be kicked but I bow to your ancient wisdom. Now let’s see what my summary reveals… 1. Don’t justContinue reading “Views of the unexpected”

And so it continues

Looking back to when i said retrograde Mercury was biting I didn’t realise by today it would feel like a playful nip. Perspective indeed. My friend, cheerleader, fellow blogger and dream follower Claire told me that whilst I am going through this to take it easy on the blogging, not to push myself and sometimesContinue reading “And so it continues”

Hopes and appearances

Things are continuing to appear to be going backwards. I am becoming increasingly tired. I say appear because Mercury hasn’t reversed its course but it looks like it to us when we view from our current position on Earth. So i take hope in that, that at the moment, things may appear to be goingContinue reading “Hopes and appearances”