Messages from suffering

I am tired and achy today.  M.E symptoms have flared up a little this week and am experiencing what my exercise therapist calls a “setback”. This of course throws up all sorts of emotions and thought patterns and triggers a reprise of some old soundtracks. So in an effort to regain some form of controlContinue reading “Messages from suffering”

Boom and Busted

Mars and Mercury are buddying up to my natal Saturn this week and today I felt that quite keenly.  This kind of transit could be difficult, especially if I rebel against it (usual pattern) and especially when it comes to getting things done.  As it is I think I found the light in the shadow…althoughContinue reading “Boom and Busted”

Running order

I’ve been capitalising on the outgoing Aries/incoming Taurus energy today. This morning was my first time going out for a run. Or in my case walk/run/walk/run/walk/run/walk. Slow and steady but moving forward.  (I like that, it could become my mantra).  Thankfully I managed to get round the circuit I’d devised for myself and was elatedContinue reading “Running order”

Up and running

The beautiful sunny weather has left us for now but I managed to see it off from the stunning surroundings of Regent’s Park. Me and a few ducks, geese and the odd swan. I can definitely say for once that I’ve made the most of my outdoors time, replenishing that Vitamin D. And today IContinue reading “Up and running”

Wisdom from a distance

I’ve gotten used to a certain level of energy over the last month or so.  It seems that gallstones have their benefits.  Today, though, I was more tired than I’d like and as tomorrow is going to be a big day I convinced myself to rest.  More often that not this is not how myContinue reading “Wisdom from a distance”

Self-ish tendencies

I woke today with no expectations as to what to do with it.  I handed over that task to my higher self and as a result today as been a TLC for me day.  First up was my appointment with my highly empathic and enthusiastic exercise therapist to talk through the latest developments going onContinue reading “Self-ish tendencies”

What’s the story, Jackanory

A friend said to me last week when we were discussing whether or not I had gallstones, that I love crystals so much I’ve decided to create my own! Loved that. Well, Servane, I do and it appears I am. And these not-so-pretty rocks have been forming for quite some time too. Having an ‘actual’Continue reading “What’s the story, Jackanory”

Hopes and appearances

Things are continuing to appear to be going backwards. I am becoming increasingly tired. I say appear because Mercury hasn’t reversed its course but it looks like it to us when we view from our current position on Earth. So i take hope in that, that at the moment, things may appear to be goingContinue reading “Hopes and appearances”


Feeling a little better today but decided against struggling into and through work in favour of staying restful. One thing I know these bouts of illness test me with is how I deal with my compulsion to not want to let people down. I am sure this comes from my concentration of Piscean energy andContinue reading “Helpfulitis”

Home help

Back to another precious space today. My home. Christmas festivities with our friends have come to an end and we have now returned to our sanctuary. I’ve never been someone you would call a homebody and have always been happy to spend time at other people’s homes, thanks to the Piscean go-with-the-flow, Aries enthusiasm andContinue reading “Home help”