My Mercurial surprise

Mercury back direct again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful. It may have been an enlightening few weeks, certainly unpredictable, but that’s a bit of the mountain path I do not want to retrace. Just before we put out the bunting and have a street party we do have a week or soContinue reading “My Mercurial surprise”

More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)

You don’t know what its got ’til its gone… My message of the day. Luckily not completely gone but absent long enough for the message to get through. Appreciation, gratitude. It does start with the smallest things. Especially when those things you take for granted are taken away from you. Like eating what you want,Continue reading “More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)”

Late kick off

The end of this enforced period of reflection is in sight. I feel thoroughly battered by whatever it was and it has physically weakened me…temporarily. I did, however, manage some work today. Work I am currently being paid for that is, unfortunately my other work will need to wait until tomorrow. It does feel goodContinue reading “Late kick off”

Let them (not) eat cake

For my 40th birthday two good friends, independently of each other,  got me cake stands. Cake stands, for someone who doesn’t bake but may like to eat the odd cake or two, usually at an afternoon tea provided by other people. As I said, home-maker, chef or baker I am not. This Christmas I openedContinue reading “Let them (not) eat cake”

Christmas signs

I’m fairly full of Christmas dinner and just a snifter of wine and champagne (ahem) so in the spirit of drunk dialling/tweeting/status updating and now blogging I’m going to keep this short… Today I received a beautiful shove from the universe delivered by one of its earthly ambassadors, otherwise known as my other half. This…Continue reading “Christmas signs”

Connection mandala

I drew the above mandala after a meditation on 11.11.11. I saw 21 people in a circle connected through strands of light. They were sending and receiving love and energy to each other. Within the 21, 3 groups of 7. It felt a powerful message then and still is very much with me today. AndContinue reading “Connection mandala”

I’m no Angel

Very busy work work today. During the busyness and varied tasks a recurring theme: Angels. (In a HR job, I know, what are the chances) Now I know angels bring up religious connotations but again this is a term I use as a working title. When I think of angels I don’t think of goldenContinue reading “I’m no Angel”

What dreams may come

“I want to work in a way that I love that produces love. I want to support people who need help and help others to find whatever they need to want to help others. I want to have a space where people can come and spend time in a calm, relaxing and safe space toContinue reading “What dreams may come”