Dreams of British treasures

22 degrees in London today and after spending most of 2013 indoors sick, 2014 indoors working, I am enjoying 2015 outdoors as much as possible. So today I have planted myself at one of my favourite places on earth. No, not the Grand Canyon, Avebury or even Geordieland, but the impressive and rather eccentric buildingContinue reading “Dreams of British treasures”

London love part 2

Making the most of our free time today by being out in the centre of town. On days like this it’s somewhat easier to rekindle a love affair with the city. Especially when meandering through the tiny narrow streets in between the mad rush of Oxford and Regent St. “When a man is tired ofContinue reading “London love part 2”

Staring at the Sun

9:59 post Solar eclipse. I have just come out of a 50 minute long meditation. London has been in total obscurity since before the Moon began her transit and remains so at this moment.  I have deeply desired seeing an eclipse in this lifetime, always a Stargazer seeing an eclipse with my eyes was upContinue reading “Staring at the Sun”

Loving the collective

Today has been another relaxing Sunday.  Discovering my domestic side (thank you IC in Cancer) and enjoying some quiet time.  Yesterday, however, was very different. But as yesterday was my summary day I saved the day’s activity for today! Yesterday morning the Aquarian and I took a wonder around Camden Town so I could startContinue reading “Loving the collective”

More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)

You don’t know what its got ’til its gone… My message of the day. Luckily not completely gone but absent long enough for the message to get through. Appreciation, gratitude. It does start with the smallest things. Especially when those things you take for granted are taken away from you. Like eating what you want,Continue reading “More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)”

Space oddity

Non work work day today so time to focus on doing a bit of research. Unfortunately I have also discovered that my rational, logic, analysis parts of my brain are currently operating with the processing power of a ZX Spectrum so its been quite tricky. Seriously what is with this particular retrograde Mercury? Aren’t weContinue reading “Space oddity”