Kind of tired

Back home now after a jampacked weekend with family. What a lovely time it was too although now I feel a bit jetlagged from the various mostly exertive (but fun!) activities. This used to be a scary moment for me. But this time not so. By now i’d be experiencing anxiety about overdoing it, frettingContinue reading “Kind of tired”

Boom and Busted

Mars and Mercury are buddying up to my natal Saturn this week and today I felt that quite keenly.  This kind of transit could be difficult, especially if I rebel against it (usual pattern) and especially when it comes to getting things done.  As it is I think I found the light in the shadow…althoughContinue reading “Boom and Busted”

More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)

You don’t know what its got ’til its gone… My message of the day. Luckily not completely gone but absent long enough for the message to get through. Appreciation, gratitude. It does start with the smallest things. Especially when those things you take for granted are taken away from you. Like eating what you want,Continue reading “More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)”