Uplifting spirit

Today I am feeling incredibly low and it’s as if I’m sitting in a dark, deep hole wondering how I got there. I see that transit Chiron sitting on my Sun and opposing my Moon might be the sign-post with big red flashing lights that this was going to be a week of exposed woundsContinue reading “Uplifting spirit”

Staring at the Sun

9:59 post Solar eclipse. I have just come out of a 50 minute long meditation. London has been in total obscurity since before the Moon began her transit and remains so at this moment.  I have deeply desired seeing an eclipse in this lifetime, always a Stargazer seeing an eclipse with my eyes was upContinue reading “Staring at the Sun”

Crystallising Dream Clip Show

My 100th post. 264 posts to go before my deadline. That doesn’t actually sound like much. I was thinking about how to mark the occasion (a bit of celebration of accomplishments can be a good thing) and as I have to admit this blimmin’ gallbladder pain is making me somewhat weary I thought I’d lookContinue reading “Crystallising Dream Clip Show”

Views of the unexpected

Here we are again. The end of another month and time for my reflection on the last month’s posts. Well January,  you (and Mercury) really have kicked my arse.  I did not know it needed to be kicked but I bow to your ancient wisdom. Now let’s see what my summary reveals… 1. Don’t justContinue reading “Views of the unexpected”

Hopes and appearances

Things are continuing to appear to be going backwards. I am becoming increasingly tired. I say appear because Mercury hasn’t reversed its course but it looks like it to us when we view from our current position on Earth. So i take hope in that, that at the moment, things may appear to be goingContinue reading “Hopes and appearances”

Adverse reaction

If ever I had an affirmation about following this journey where ever it may lead it was last night. Another work Christmas party for me and a chance to spend time connecting with colleagues and inevitably the question comes up from them about my plans for next year. Throughout my time exploring these unknown “unsciencey”Continue reading “Adverse reaction”

Friday reveals itself

I’ve done it.  I think.  I’ve finally figured out Fridays.  The clue was in the exploration of the name last week. Venus or Frigg day, day of appreciating art and beauty. So today I am going to indulge in another one of my loves: poetry. This morning on the way to work I picked upContinue reading “Friday reveals itself”

M.E. mine

I am pretty tired today. Tiredness alarms me. I’d rather it didn’t but this is one of the life lessons where i’m probably getting a C minus. I’ve not written about this part of my life yet. Mainly because I don’t really want to give it such prominence but there it is, slap bang inContinue reading “M.E. mine”

Space oddity

Non work work day today so time to focus on doing a bit of research. Unfortunately I have also discovered that my rational, logic, analysis parts of my brain are currently operating with the processing power of a ZX Spectrum so its been quite tricky. Seriously what is with this particular retrograde Mercury? Aren’t weContinue reading “Space oddity”