Wisdom from a distance

I’ve gotten used to a certain level of energy over the last month or so.  It seems that gallstones have their benefits.  Today, though, I was more tired than I’d like and as tomorrow is going to be a big day I convinced myself to rest.  More often that not this is not how myContinue reading “Wisdom from a distance”

Big personalities

Another quiet Sunday. A good thing too as my body does feel like it’s had a good workout and petitioning for a rest day.  Happily granted as I’m still smiling in gratitude to my great day out yesterday. It was a beautiful day. The first of the year where us Londoners rush to embrace anyContinue reading “Big personalities”

More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)

You don’t know what its got ’til its gone… My message of the day. Luckily not completely gone but absent long enough for the message to get through. Appreciation, gratitude. It does start with the smallest things. Especially when those things you take for granted are taken away from you. Like eating what you want,Continue reading “More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)”


Darn it. Just wrote half my blog post and lost it. I will now shake my fist at Mercury! I think I remember talking about my appreciation for being out in the world again as today was back to work for me. I reflected on how grateful I felt for the movement my job gaveContinue reading “Paradoxicocious”

The Year of Living Gratefully

Gratitude. That word sums up my year up to this very point. My present. Today I am grateful that I have built up enough stamina and physical energy to go out tonight to welcome in the New Year. In fact I am excited about the prospect rather than secretly worrying if I can make itContinue reading “The Year of Living Gratefully”