The eclipse

Burning brightly, joyously. Solidly. Creating life-force and essential fire, until it falls – Shadow Only glimmers struggle to stay Reminders of what lies behind The shadow sits, weighty and cold Dense and obstinate, refusing to leave It stifles and suppresses its enemy – Light For a while it wins. All that once shone removed Pain.Continue reading “The eclipse”

A different view

Last day of the month and normally I would do my tweet-style summary.  But maybe it’s because I am still conserving my energy or maybe something else entirely because today I don’t feel like doing that. And maybe its because of the eclipse. I look back over the month of wise women, waiting, Taureans, sparklyContinue reading “A different view”

Days gone bye-bye

Hmmm. Is Mercury having a wobble today or is this a post-eclipse shake-down? I feel like the universe has picked me up by the ankles and jiggled me about looking for loose change. This would be what the meditation and crystals have being preparing me for then. Especially in the rook and sacral chakra.  Oak-likeContinue reading “Days gone bye-bye”

Sole preparations

It’s been a pretty powerful weekend for me.  Yesterday’s rebalancing has continued and created a space for solitude and stillness. I’ve spent the afternoon mostly in silence.  Even having my meditation and healing music playing softly in the background didn’t feel quite right and the only soundtrack I have had has been various birdsong inContinue reading “Sole preparations”