Taurean types #2

I met a friend of mine this evening that has been a formative influence in my life, someone that I greatly admire, and one of those Taurean types I’ve talked about before. This year we will have known each other 20 years after working together at a company where I first got to practice (andContinue reading “Taurean types #2”

Let them (not) eat cake

For my 40th birthday two good friends, independently of each other,  got me cake stands. Cake stands, for someone who doesn’t bake but may like to eat the odd cake or two, usually at an afternoon tea provided by other people. As I said, home-maker, chef or baker I am not. This Christmas I openedContinue reading “Let them (not) eat cake”

I’m no Angel

Very busy work work today. During the busyness and varied tasks a recurring theme: Angels. (In a HR job, I know, what are the chances) Now I know angels bring up religious connotations but again this is a term I use as a working title. When I think of angels I don’t think of goldenContinue reading “I’m no Angel”