An Announcement

I am feeling a pull to do something rather bold today. The Moon is in Loving-all-things-social Gemini and that influence is currently trining my natal Venus in Aquarius in the 11th House. Therefore in the spirit of all things community focused this seems the ideal time to announce… The Reason Season Lifetime Collective. Yes thatContinue reading “An Announcement”

Rest and reach out

Sleep. My crystals whispered to me today echoed by the universe. ¬†Rebalance. Renew. Regenerate. After a morning of making new connections in the material world in terms of finding space and like minded supporters i am spending the rest of the day making new connections in the ethereal. Maybe I’ll find some space there too.Continue reading “Rest and reach out”

Helping hands

Friday and in true London worker style I am in the pub. It’s been another work work day so no grand epiphanies on the shop front,¬† just a day of doing what I need to do. But as I have previously mentioned, I am blessed to work somewhere I can be myself so please don’tContinue reading “Helping hands”