Eviction Notice

Eviction notice

Once we were neighbours. 

We built homes of clay, and oak.

One night while I was sleeping, 

you came, and took the


that I had laid 

close to the back door, 

the one I never noticed.

The next day you sold it back to me 

and found you could buy two in return 

(I could never do that)

On I slept, as you took




just enough to keep me knocking 

at your door, 

with sleep still dusting my eyes, 

exhanging precious metal for simple stone.




Still I hugged you, 

and I gloried in 

your success, as you added 

your new floor 

(I wish I had your house) 

The next Brick you offered

me at a 


and raised the price 




Until I couldn’t pay, and 


house began


crum – ble.

(Your house is so beautiful)

And still you came. 


(They must be so happy)


It was too easy. 


(They are so clever)

You shook your head

as you watched

from your grand hall 

counting your Coins;

(They are so rich)


the    room 



left    me, 

as   the  roof 


and the    cold


(One day I will have what you have) 

I woke 

 to a 



 to my 


“Eviction notice” –

Building unsound, 

unable to pay. 

I waved as I left,

leaving the last 


as a thank you. 

But from up there 

How could you 



Published by Kirstie Sivapalan

Writer. Poet. Indie Kid. Crystal Lady. Pisces. Enthuser. Cheerleader. Helper. Geordie Londoner. Sharer of stuff I know. Sometimes found working in HR (but not very often) Oh, and #spoonie, living with ME/CFS. That about covers it.

5 thoughts on “Eviction Notice

    1. Thank you Darnell. That’s another perspective I hadn’t seen but I can see it now. To give you some context, this came to me after the election over here and how it has divided our country, how there are people who genuinely believe their vote is for the greater good but i know have fallen for tricks of those that serve to gain financially from the Tory win, eg the potential selling of our national health service. This gave me the idea of brick by brick but after writing it it felt like there was something else there too. Thank you so much for reading this and your wonderful insight. Love and light Kirstie x


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