Celebration time as Mercury resumes its direct motion. The last one wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but this one has been pretty choppy. It’s been reminiscent of the astrological square aspect.  Various energies not relating or understanding each other, causing friction, but building, always building. Staying the course and working through the conflicts to find a whole new way of being.

For me this mainly manifested in internal conflicts and confusions, and allowing certain shadow qualities to come to the surface and have their time in the sun. Fretting about the Aquarian, worrying about the future of the shop, feeling both over and underwhelmed with my situation, all bubbled up during this time. Thank the Universe for the time and space to reflect each day on this blog. A vital moment to remember that “this too shall pass” and whatever was coming up was there to be loved then released. 

And the building. How wonderful that this has manifested in a new phase for the shop and my work. Because part of is shadow work was sharing my anxieties with like-spirited people who I knew I could lean on. 

My biggest learning from this period? Asking for help.  

The best gift? Receiving it.

In love, light and Divine service. ✨

Thank you Kathy, for the beautiful painting 💖🙏🏽

Published by Kirstie Sivapalan

Writer. Poet. Indie Kid. Crystal Lady. Pisces. Enthuser. Cheerleader. Helper. Geordie Londoner. Sharer of stuff I know. Sometimes found working in HR (but not very often) Oh, and #spoonie, living with ME/CFS. That about covers it.

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